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Federico Fanti Paleontologist, Geologist

Dr. Federico Fanti is a paleontologist and sedimentary geologist who has crossed the globe for the past 16 years to study ancient life. He has been involved in field-oriented projects in Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, and Australia, and was awarded National Geographic grants for his work in Mongolia and Tunisia. Fanti’s long-term goal is to investigate how local or large-scale dynamics as documented in sedimentary rocks drive evolutionary patterns in the fossil record via adaptations and extinction events. In other words—who lives, who dies, and most importantly, why? Federico has conducted research in Mongolia’s Nemegt Basin since 2007, and more recently has led an international team in developing the first scientific tool to counter the illegal market of dinosaur fossils in the Gobi Desert. Named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer in 2017, he is best known for discovering the biggest sea-dwelling crocodile yet found. Fanti has also developed and hosted two documentaries about his research projects—“The Dinosaur Hunter,” about the dinosaur black market, and “Ocean’s Breath,” documenting a 240-million-year-story of coral reefs across three continents.Federico will join The Future of Everything: Exploring Global Innovation by Private Jet in Mongolia.

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