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Stuart Pimm Educator

Dr. Stuart Pimm, former member of the National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration, is Professor of Conservation at Duke University and an internationally recognized global leader in the study of biodiversity, especially present-day extinctions and what the world can do to prevent them. His message that we can all make a difference in our planet’s survival inspires a wide audience. Pimm’s commitment to the science—policy interface has led to frequent visits to Washington D.C. to engage policy makers on environmental issues. He is also asked to advise international governments on biodiversity issues and the management of national parks. In addition to his conservation efforts in Africa, Pimm has works in the forests of Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil. In the last decade, he has been active in training Chinese conservation professionals and spends a month each year in China. Pimm directs Saving Nature a non-profit that uses carbon emissions offsets to fund conservation groups in areas of exceptional tropical biodiversity to restore degraded lands. Pimm is the author of over 350 scientific papers and five books. Pimm was awarded the 2019 International Cosmos Prize, one of the most prestigious honors presented in the environmental field. It recognizes ground-breaking research on endangered species and his work at Saving Nature. Other honors include the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement (2010), and the Dr. A.H. Heineken Prize for Environmental Sciences from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (2006). He has taught ornithology field courses in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida annually for the last forty years. Pimm received his BSc degree from Oxford University in 1971 and his Ph.D from New Mexico State University in 1974.

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